The Cages We Built By Kendi Karimi


The Cages We Built builds up like a house, brick by brick revealing what is truly meant by the title of the book. It is a poetry book that openly talks about one’s emotional vulnerability and the freedom and right we all have to give and receive love, to be love.



Since The Cages We Built is written from my personal experiences, it also talks about the things that get us to that point of love. Those ugly scars that make us and the journey of a depressed mind that still leads one to the light. These are the mental cages of life, specifically depression.

Not only is its rate increasing but people are bottling up their emotions with drugs and social media more and more and people need to see that it’s okay to openly talk about those ‘ugly parts’ of us. They still make us the beautiful people we are now who deserve love and whose legacy , at least in part, should be about the freedom brought about from the cages of the mind broken free that once suffocated our human experience.

It’s divided into three chapters; freedom, rebellion and the war. Freedom is a section of poems that joyfully celebrate love and intimacy and highlight the madness drunk in the cup of love.

In rebellion, the poems rebel against mistreatment in love and appreciation of oneself as enough as a source of love rebelling against the societal idea of love.

Lastly, the war is composed of difficult poems written during the height of the said depression. They show the clear different mental states of a depressed person when in love and, of a self-loving person when in love. They give more life to the right to experience love in all its flames by showing a contrast of the life lived before and telling the story of that life in rhyme.

That is why, to summaries, the book talks about passion and depression as written on the cover.

About The Author

Kendi Karimi is a professional journalist with rich experience in writing. She graduated top of her class with first-class honors in Mass Communication. She has worked in and written for media houses, newspapers, blogs, magazines, and creative institutions and is currently a full-time writer.

Her short story, ‘What Does It Mean To Be Kind Anyway’ was shortlisted for the Wakini Kuria prize for children’s literature. Kendi has also been awarded a certificate of recognition by BIC group and participated in various international anthologies. She is a poet who writes about love and life in a tragically beautiful manner, and adds a poeticism deeply rooted in philosophy and well-being to her stories.

She is also an artist who enjoys the occasional play with canvas and music composition. Curious? Watch her music video ‘Let You Go’ on YouTube. Kendi hopes to become a fully-fledged creative entrepreneur and live a life of open expression through her art.

I’m a poet for the lovers, dreamers and believers. For the hope give-ups and the heart beat ups.

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