With Eyes Wide Closed - Synopsis

“She is now your problem!” Amira’s mom, quite tipsy, whispered to him on their wedding day. Tafari brushed off what his mom-in-law had said as a joke. A terrible mistake!
Amira was once madly in love with Tafari. He had deep pockets, incredible sex appeal, & charisma. Something changed down the line, however. Maybe it was his philandering ways, dwindling fortunes, or her selfish ambition.
On the other hand, Carlos, a wealthy business mafia, has been wooing Amira with vigor & indulgences. Lured by his glamour, she is swept into a sexually charged, whirlwind affair.
Tafari eventually learns of her betrayal in the saddest of ways.

“She’s paid extra for your slow & painful death!” the gunman says smugly. “I don’t take pleasure in this, though. So, I will make it quick. All I ask of you is to dig your grave.”
Tafari spits a lump of bloody saliva in defiance.
“Alright, boys, let the hounds out; he’s chosen a painful death,” the gunman commands.
Three vicious dogs are let loose on him as he screams like a man set on fire.
The gunman momentarily pulls back the growling beasts & taunts him, “nobody can hear you in this forest; & what’s that smell? Have you just crapped on yourself…?”

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Release Date: May 2023
Author: Erick B. Gichuru
Genre: Drama/Crime
Length: 300 pages

With Eyes Wide Closed Novel Cover
With Eyes Wide Closed Novel - Chapter 1 page 1

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With Eyes Wide Open is Erick B. Gichuru's debut novel that became a BESTSELLER.

It is a raw African account of losing innocence, self-discovery, and the madness that lies in between!

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About Author Erick B. Gichuru

Erick B. Gichuru is the author of the Best Selling Novel ‘With Eyes Wide Open’. He’s a bathroom singer that has bagged seven international awards. Don’t try to mess with him; he knows kickboxing, judo, karate, and 15 other dangerous words.

No one tells the Modern African Stories that slap better; they usually hit too close to home, get you questioning the status quo, and might be an eye-opener about our interactions with the people in our lives.

The problem with the truth is that we often can’t handle it! It is easier to keep our eyes wide closed. ~ Erick B. Gichuru.