With Eyes Wide Closed - Synopsis

Amira is a glamorous TV star. Despite her talent, a sex scandal is what explodes her to fame unexpectedly. She now leads the quintessential celebrity lifestyle gracing international stages.
Her life, however, is far from perfect. She’s been betrayed by her best friend in the worst way. Half of the world loathes her, while the other half worships her.
When Amira first met Willis, her husband, he was a music band lead…literally a rockstar! No! He didn’t sweep her off her feet; she fought tooth and nail for him from other women. The problem is that Willis wants a simple girl for a wife while Amira is out to conquer the world.
They are now embroiled in a vengeful tussle. With money and influence, Amira is poised to wipe the floor with him.
When fame threatens to fade, she’s dazed at lengths she’ll go to keep the curtains up.
Amira must pay! Amira must pay!” The angry mob chants.
Cars in the parking lot have been set ablaze. Amira has just watched a security guard plunge from the 4th floor to his death as people scream in terror. She’s holed up on the 9th floor as the mob searches floor-by-floor, terrorizing everyone.
It’s been a minute since she uttered a prayer.

Based on real-life stories that might hit TOO CLOSE TO HOME!

Launch Date: 27 August 2023
Author: Erick B. Gichuru
Genre: Drama/Crime
Length: 285 pages

With Eyes Wide Closed Novel Cover
With Eyes Wide Closed Chapter 1 page 1

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With Eyes Wide Open is Erick B. Gichuru's debut novel that became a BESTSELLER.

It is a raw African account of losing innocence, self-discovery, and the madness that lies in between!

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About Author Erick B. Gichuru

Erick B. Gichuru is the author of the Best Selling Novel ‘With Eyes Wide Open.’ He’s a bathroom singer with 7 international awards. Don't mess with him; he knows judo, karate, and 11 other dangerous words.

No one tells the Modern African Stories that slap better. It's crazy how fast modern relationships are on the decline. It's like watching a grisly car crash in slow motion. The paradox of it all is that the same thing that attracts you to a person is the same thing that makes you insecure.

Too often, life presents us with the choice to be right or to be successful. We often choose the former; to keep our eyes wide closed!  ~ Erick B. Gichuru.


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