A harmless guilty pleasure! That's what Natela, the clergyman’s daughter, convinced herself Ruchio is. She wouldn’t have met this vicious politician were it not for her friend whose murder still haunts her.

Having strayed from her ‘upright upbringing,’ Natela’s religious folks disowned her. Being a lone naive black sheep in a sea of wolves, her life slips down a path she would have never imagined. Years later, thanks to Ruchio, she discovers that not everyone in her family is the saint they pretend to be. Armed with this dirty secret, she is ready to set their world ablaze.
Genre: Literary Fiction, Romance
Author: Erick B. Gichuru

…SOMETHING IS OFF Ruchio can tell!

She’s made him rush here this early only to find her looking wickedly alluring in a scanty nightie, ritually sipping some bourbon whiskey. "You look like something I painted with my left hand" Natela teases him. Typically, she carries herself like a reigning queen; an attitude he fancies though sometimes it irritates him.

His unease is warranted. Last they met, she swore to be his orchestra of misery for the rest of his short life! Yet, she’s just served him honey drizzle pancakes; she never even cooks!!
He hesitates to take a bite.
"Relax; if I wanted you dead, we wouldn’t be speaking right now!" she calmly says.

This is a Raw African account of losing innocence, self-discovery and the madness that lies in between!

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With Eyes Wide Open Novel Chapter 1
With Eyes Wide Open Novel Chapter 1 - 1


I became an author by chance, I never knew I had it in me! For some time, I eked out a living developing websites; only to wind up writing for brands across the globe. I guess iron sharpens iron.

With Eyes Wide Open is about us. We all have a dark side! At some point in our lives, we’ve done or said something that we are truly ashamed of. For some of us, our forefathers are still turning in their graves. They say we become different versions of ourselves before we become who we truly are. 

Set in the heart of Africa and inspired by life itself, the author vividly captures the messy human experience that might hit too close to home. ~ Erick B. Gichuru


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What Readers Are Saying About With Eyes Wide Open Novel!

With Eyes Wide Open Novel Review by Karen Nderi

Karen Nderi

I Discovered So Much About Myself!!

“Read a book twice: The first time you appreciate the story, the second time you appreciate the writing."
For me, reading helps me connect with something bigger and different from myself. And this book has thoroughly kept me entertained as I discovered so much about myself- not what I expected from a fictional book.
It’s a book I’d recommend.

And the best thing about it is from a Kenyan author @eric_gichuru

Review by Karen Nderi in Instagram

With Eyes Wide Open Novel Newspaper Review

Newspaper Review

On the papers!!

Newspaper Review
Review by BookCrest Carbanet

Bookcrest Cabernet Review

Via Twitter

Review by Bookcrest Cabernet

It's a love story that courts attention, engulfing the reader to stay abreast with the pace of the story – with the eyes, completely, wide open. This 'bag of emotions' unzips with stifled sobs, despair, fury, and impatience.

A father is infuriated by his daughter and the reader takes upon himself the task to point and pick what brings the fury and the paradox of Joy not bringing joy to her family. When this ‘harmless guilty pleasure’ finally sails, the captains- Natela and Ruchio- reflect the tiny escapades that love knits together, the upshots that come with it, and the risks that prick when the heart picks love, and who to love.

The cover design is impeccable. This book must sail through the discourse waters. Thanks for sharing. I'm honored, truly.

Fiery Wangui Review

Via Instagram

Review by Fiery Wangui

‘With Eyes Wide Open’ Novel review by Fiery Wangeshi

Get this absolute work of art by Erick B Gichuru.

What a read!! Made my year!

Brian Mwalunda with eyes wide open novel review

Brian Mwalunda Review

You are truly one of the best authors!

Review by Brian Mwalunda

Brian Mwalunda with eyes wide open novel review

You are truly one of the best authors!

Should we expect part 2 of this? 100%! 100%! 100%!


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