How To Make Your Marriage Work


The Path To A Joyful And Fulfilling Life! – By Dr. K I Laibuta

In this simple-to-read book, Dr. K I Laibuta does not hesitate to turn the page and bring the reader face to face with lives of strife and pain as marital relationships turn into ordeals that banish the envisioned romantic bliss.


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The book provides practical solutions to challenges with which couples contend in daily life and offers tested counsel on how to find joy in an enduring and fulfilling relationship. It draws on practical wisdom that nurtures mutual support for personal growth and contentment.

By use of inspirational anecdotes, Dr. Laibuta confronts the realities of life in marriage without pretense or evasive glamour, and takes the reader beyond those euphoric feelings of love and obsession by which the newly-wed are often overwhelmed in their newly-found wonderland.

In doing so, the book reveals the conflicting languages of love and desire and takes the reader through the ensuing phases of enduring love. It lays bare the fears of every spouse when the children have gone, and in times of want and loneliness in separation or divorce, or when death strikes.



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