Julie from the Empress Show – Women Founders - interviews Emily from Thelocco Men Suits about the possibilities of exponential business growth. The ladies have a candid heart-to-heart, sometimes ribs-cracking
On the 28th Feb, TheLocco team attended the skill-up mentorship program. This timely & gleeful networking event has come at a time when players in the ‘events industry’ are recovering from the effects of covid 19 pandemic.
With Eyes Wide Open Novel review
‘Imperfectly perfect’ may not be the most accurate words to describe the With Eyes Wide Open Novel for me, but it’s close enough. The story is genius. I especially enjoyed its unpredictability. You never know what comes next. It is by a Kenyan Author called Erick B Gichuru. See the Synopsis of With Eyes Wide
Enrolled For A Masters, Graduated With A Husband
Their first conversation was Gerhard ‘innocently’ requesting Jackline to share notes for a class or two he had missed. A classic move. Of course, he could have borrowed the notes from anyone else, but she was gorgeous and focused.
The Cages We Built Book Review
I FELT IT!The magic of this poetry book is that it has been written from the heart. It accurately represents the author’s state of mind and emotions, ranging from the highs of love to the deep dark trenches of depression. She gets vulnerable, shares her steamy moments of passion, and also sheds light on the
What Kind of a Parent Are You? - Attachment Theory Reveals
We all think of ourselves as great parents; but does human psychology agree with you on this delicate matter? Attachment theory dictates that our childhood experiences shape the kind of adolescents and eventually the adults we turn out to be. Guess who is responsible for shaping your child’s early childhood experiences; you the parent. Parenting
Gratitude Has a Dark Side Too

Gratitude Has a Dark Side Too

To some he was a voracious terrorist, while to others he was a brave warrior. However, when he saved the city from the foreign invaders, no-one cared less about his past war mongering deeds! Praises from the city residents came in spades. They felt heavily indebted to him because they attributed their liberty 100% to
Why Not Going To University Might be The Best Decision
Disclaimer: This article is not meant in any way to discourage anyone from pursuing higher education. If you deem it necessary for your growth to get a university degree go for it by all means. That said, I will also draw the big guns to explore why not going to university might be the best
gonising Parenting Phrases We Swore To Never Use
“Vunja zote” (break them all) She says in a sarcastic tone when you break something. For those who are new to this parentesse, it actually means “If you break one more piece, you and the broken glass are destined for the same fate.” African parents can be a piece of work. Some wear that attitude
This is How Karma Dealt With my Crazy Ex
Disclaimer: In exact words, he said this to me, “please write this story about my ex, but don’t mention my name coz, if she finds out I wrote about her, she could arrange to have me killed or seriously harmed!” I went through a cocktail of emotions when she reached out to me about meeting
A date from hell

A Date From Hell

“Damn, I should have ordered this fillet instead!!” She mumbles as she stuffs the 7th, 8th…too many mouthfuls from his plate. “Go ahead, dear,” He says as he clears his throat to mask his discomfort. “These tacos are so pricey, yet so far from delicious.” She whines. He nods his head mechanically, clueless what to
How I Survived The Devastating Hostage Ordeal
The rustling at the door suddenly rouses me up from my sleep. I prick my ears listening to the slightest sound. It must be the dead of the night I tell myself since I can’t figure anything in the pitch-black darkness. Moments later, the door flies open. Instinctively, I lie still clenching my fists, with