Midnight Blue Wedding Suits For Men Wool Office Wear

Find the perfect blue suit in various blue shades including navy, dark and light blue
Style:2 Piece Slim Fit Suit
Color: Navy Blue Suit
Fabric :100% Wool
Size 44-58
Lapel Type :Peak Lapel
Closure Type: Single Button Coat
Events: Office/Business wear, Lawyers Suits, Church, Wedding, Parties, interviews, Homecoming, Pastors Suits, Engagement, Sendoff


Midnight blue wedding suits for men made of wool which provides a great choice for both formal occasions and particularly for the office wear. The color midnight blue is a classic and stylish color that gives an elegant look to the suit.

It is highly advisable to TheLocco clients to consider the weight of the wool fabric when selecting a great wedding suit. A lightweight wool fabric, such as a super 120s or super 140s, is suitable for warmer seasons, while a heavier wool fabric, such as a super 180s or super 200s, is ideal for colder weather.

When checking for style, a classic two-piece suit with a notch lapel is a safe and versatile choice. Conversely, consider a three-piece suit with a peak lapel as it will give you that unique touch of elegance.

Pairing the midnight blue wedding suit for men with a crisp white dress shirt, a silk tie, and a pair of black or brown leather shoes will be a cherry on top. Compliment the look further with matching belt and a pocket square.

All in all, a well-fitting midnight blue wool suit is an excellent choice for both formal occasions like weddings and office wear.


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