Striped Tuxedo Suit in Nairobi


This stripped black Tuxedo Suit is an excellent, bold alternative to the classic plain suit. Mimie Men’s Suits Centre Nairobi offers suit lovers with a variety of options to suit their style, occasion and price range without compromising on quality.

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The dark option features colours such as black, navy blue, and grey with the vertical stripes giving it a smart and stylish finish. Those who know their suits will attest that no detailed is spared in the tailoring. It features:

  • A Handsomely cut, slim fit tuxedo style blazer
  • A half coat making it a 3 piece
  • An unlined matching trouser to allow for length adjustments.

Style: Striped Tuxedo Suit

Colour: Black, Navy blue, grey

Size: 46-56 (UK size)

Material: 80% wool; 20% Polyester


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